Did you know? 10 Facts About Our Vegan Chocolate Buttons

What started as just an idea to combine some vegan protein shake with chocolate has grown into an award-winning vegan brand loved and consumed by people all over the UK. We cannot thank you enough for all the support that we have received up to this point for our vegan chocolate buttons.

Here are the top things you should know about our UK-based vegan chocolate brand!

1. Push Chocolate opened in 2018

Even though we launched the online store in 2018, Push Chocolate’s journey started way back in 2016 when Ant created the first prototype. 

From there, a new world of vegan chocolate heaven emerged for chocoholics and fitness lovers. 

By giving away free samples, Ant garnered honest feedback from the public and eventually developed the UK's best-tasting vegan chocolate.

2. We're based in Sunny Cornwall

Push Chocolate is a Cornish company. You'll find our headquarters in St Austell, and if you're lucky you may spot Ant sharing all things Push at local Cornish food markets. 

3. Our vegan chocolate buttons contain 5 times more protein

According to the Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI), adults are advised to eat 0.75g of protein per kg of body weight. But what are the best sources of vegan protein and where can you find them? 

Our vegan chocolate buttons can be categorised as higher protein chocolate, which may come as a pleasant surprise. We combine rice and pea protein to produce the ultimate fuel for fitness enthusiasts. 

Chocolate which are plant-based and protein rich… what’s not to like?

4. Push Chocolate's low sugar chocolate buttons are diabetic and Keto friendly 

This year, we introduced our brand new low sugar chocolate buttons which contain only 4.1g of sugar per 100g. Our new line of diabetic-friendly low-sugar chocolate has also received approval from Diabetes UK.

Additionally – rest assured that ours is not the same chalky tasteless chocolate that you can find everywhere in every store. They are so delicious and smooth that you won’t believe that they are low sugar!

Even if you are on a ketogenic diet, our low sugar vegan chocolates (with 19 grams of carbs per 100-gram pouch) are the best you can buy in the UK. 

5. Our vegan chocolate buttons are free from 14 allergens

We kept everyone in mind when creating our vegan chocolate - like literally. We do comprehend how allergies can prevent you from enjoying your favourite treats. Our allergy-friendly chocolate will only bring you closer to happiness.

Our vegan chocolate is free from: 

  • Dairy (perfect for lactose-intolerants)
  • Peanuts and tree nuts (there is no cross-contamination)   
  • Palm oil (we use cocoa butter instead) 
  • Gluten (if you have gluten sensitivity, then Push Chocolate will become your friend)

Read about the list of other allergens here.

6. Push Chocolate has 5 mouth-watering chocolate flavours

We use natural sweeteners such as inulin (a natural fibre) in the vegan chocolate buttons to ensure that they are healthy and have the same level of sweetness as regular chocolate. We have the best vegan chocolate flavours in the UK: 

  1. Original dairy free chocolate buttons
  2. Honeycomb chocolate buttons
  3. Mint chocolate buttons
  4. Orange chocolate buttons
  5. Salted caramel chocolate buttons
  6. Low sugar chocolate buttons

7. Our vegan chocolate buttons are perfect for baking

Whether vegan chocolate melt like regular chocolate or not is one of the frequently asked questions about them. Drop your worries as the answer is a resounding YES! 

Vegan chocolate melts perfectly and surprisingly faster than other chocolate. This is because vegan chocolates have different melting points. 

Check out our decadent recipes made with smooth, creamy and melting vegan chocolates - tested and proven! 

8. Push Chocolate is an award winning brand

2022 marks the year of fruitful recognition for us! We won not one, but 8 awards this year and, something we're incredibly proud of! (fireworks please!) 

Push Chocolate was among the 2022 Nourish Award Winners in the following categories: 

  • Free from all 14 allergens Category: Gold - Orange chocolate buttons 
  • Chocolate, Confectionery & Desserts Category: Gold - Orange chocolate buttons 
  • Low Carb & Keto Category: Gold - Low sugar chocolate buttons 
  • Free-From Category: Gold - Low sugar chocolate buttons 
  •  Lower or Low Sugar, Sugar free Category: Bronze - Low sugar chocolate buttons 

Our Orange chocolate buttons won the Free From Awards 2022 in the following categories: 

  • Confectionery Category: Silver 
  • Almost Totally Free From: Bronze

Our Honeycomb chocolate buttons were awarded "Highly Recommended" for Best Healthy Snacks in the Men's and Women's Fitness Nutrition Awards 2022

9. We care about the environment 

To reduce our impact we ensure all our ingredients are vegan and natural with. Our chocolate buttons contain no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or any other additives. All our chocolate comes in recyclable, plastic free pouches, and all packaging is recyclable. 

10. Save 15% and get FREE delivery 

We have reserved the best for the last. When you buy 6 recycle, plastic-free pouches of Push Chocolate buttons in any flavour of your choice, you can receive 15% off and free UK shipping. 

Additionally, we provide a money-back guarantee; if you don't adore our chocolates, we'll return your money.

Along with that amazing deal, we also have something else for you! (Yes, we enjoy spoiling our customers!)

If this is your first order with us, you will receive 20% off, and if you purchase chocolates worth more than £24, shipping is free.

Try our vegan chocolate buttons now

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