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Grid image showing - cocoa butter, pea protein isolate, rice protein, cocoa mass, panela unrefined sugar, rice cream, inulin and sunflower lecithin.

Push vegan chocolate buttons are dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free. Enjoy your favourite flavours of our vegan, higher protein, lower sugar chocolate buttons with only natural flavouring added. Choose from original, orange, honeycomb, mint or salted caramel. 

Our new low sugar vegan chocolate buttons have all the great taste of our original buttons with only 4.1g of sugar per pouch and no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or stevia. All our ingredients are vegan and natural with no artificial preservatives or flavourings. 

All flavours of our vegan chocolate buttons are made with our original ‘milk’ chocolate recipe as a base with each particular flavour added on top.

Cocoa Butter

Our Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Mass is sourced directly from growers in Peru and it is these two ingredients which bring the delicious chocolaty taste to our chocolate. The combination of fats within cocoa butter are solid at room temperature but are liquid at human body temperature so the chocolate melts in your mouth. Cocoa butter is also the main fat in our chocolate, we do not use any palm oil, palm fat, coconut oil or any other vegetable fats.

Pea Protein

Pea protein is derived from yellow split peas, which are members of the legume family. Split yellow peas are high in protein and low in fat [1]. The growing of yellow split peas (and other legumes) can add nitrogen into the soil [2]. Pea protein contains all nine essential amino acids that your body cannot create and must get from food. However, pea protein is relatively low in the amino acid methionine but is high in lysine so we add rice protein which is high in methionine and low in lysine [3]. The combination of pea and rice proteins provide an optimal acid profile which is very similar to whey protein derived from dairy [4].

Unrefined Panela Sugar

Panela sugar is unrefined sugar cane from Colombia. Unrefined sugar means that the sugar has not been through a heavily mechanise process so still retains the vitamins and minerals in the sugar cane [5]. Panela sugar is brown in colour and has a toffee taste which is not overpowering.

Rice Cream

Rice cream is added as we want to create the creaminess taste and texture that milk chocolate contains without using any dairy.

Inulin (Chicory Root Fibre)

Inulin is a natural soluble plant fibre and is also a sweetener which comes from the chicory root. Therefore, we can use less sugar for similar sweetness levels with additional benefits of improving digestive and general health as inulin is also a prebiotic, meaning that it feeds the good bacteria in the gut [6].

Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower lecithin is an emulsifier to stop the fats from the cocoa butter separating out from the rest of our chocolate ingredients [7]. There are mainly two types of lecithins – soy and sunflower. We chose sunflower as we didn’t want any soya allergens in the chocolate to remain free from the top 14 major food allergens. In addition, soya lecithin is more likely to be genetically modified in mass production whereas the production of sunflower lecithin from sunflower seeds is gentler and doesn’t require harsh chemicals [8].

Ingredients for our Original Vegan Chocolate Buttons:

Cocoa Butter
Pea Protein Isolate
Rice Protein
Panela Sugar (unrefined sugar)
Cocoa Mass
Rice Cream (rice syrup, rice starch and rice flour)
Inulin (chicory root fibre)
Emulsifier (sunflower lecithin)

Ingredients for our Orange Vegan Chocolate Buttons:

Original + Natural Orange Oil (1.0%)

Ingredients for our Mint Vegan Chocolate Buttons:

Original + Natural Mint Oil (1.0%)

Ingredients for our Salted Caramel Vegan Chocolate Buttons:

Original + Natural Caramel Oil (1.0%) + Sea Salt

Ingredients for our Honeycomb Vegan Chocolate Buttons:

Original + Honeycomb (sugar, glucose syrup, bicarbonate of soda, rice flour)

All our recipes are free from the 14 major food allergens. You can find allergen info here. 

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