Our mission is to create better chocolate for you, the environment and to put a smile on your face.

Overhead shot of all 5 flavours of the original Push Chocolate vegan chocolate buttons on a purple backdrop, with the salted caramel buttons scattered around.

What’s all the fuss about?

Wanting to satisfy your chocolate cravings and feel good? Stop right now (thank you very much). Our melt-in-the-mouth vegan buttons are smooth, creamy and hit the spot every time. 

And that's not even the best bit. Look, we don't like to toot our own horn, we are British after all, but you're going to want to know our chocolate has a whopping 43% less sugar and five times more protein than other vegan chocolate brands. Sweet! 

So if you're looking for a delicious chocolate free from artificial ingredients and mountains of sugar try Push Chocolate. It’s also brilliant as post-workout fuel or an afternoon pick-me-up. Its impressive nutrition will keep you fuller for longer so you get more bang for your buck (or, er, pound). 

Close up shot of thumb with yellow nail polish holding the honeycomb vegan chocolate button in front of a yellow backdrop.

Good for you, good for the planet!

Speaking of which, we only use the highest quality vegan ingredients to create our chocolate. Our Peruvian cocoa is sourced from growers and we use panela sugar that's unrefined to keep those good-for-you vitamins and minerals intact. 

Not only are our buttons choc full of goodness, but they're free from all fourteen major allergens and made in an allergen free factory so there’s no risk of contamination. They don't contain any artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavourings either. 

And when it comes to plastic, we don’t think it’s fantastic. So our chocolate buttons come packaged in recyclable, plastic-free pouches. 

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Lifestyle photo of the low sugar vegan chocolate buttons pouch with chocolate buttons and cocoa beans in foreground.

BRAND NEW Low sugar vegan chocolate!

Craving chocolate but watching your sugar intake? We've got you - our Low Sugar Chocolate has a measly 4.1g of sugar per 100g, making it diabetes-friendly.

With all the melt-in-the-mouth charm of our award-winning original range, you can have the same delicious taste experience without the sugar. 

We've swapped artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols for inulin, a natural soluble plant fibre that comes from the humble chicory root. Not only does this naturally sweeten our chocolate, but inulin is also a prebiotic meaning it feeds the good bacteria in the gut. 

Low sugar, high deliciousness

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