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Me and the Push Chocolate Journey 

Hi, I'm Ant and I am a chocoholic. My love for chocolate has been around since I was a kid, I still savour the delicious flavours and happiness while eating chocolate. 

I started going to the gym more and needed to increase my protein intake so I could recover fully for the next session.

I tried lots of different protein bars and found them to taste very artificial, gave my jaw more of a workout than my other muscles at the gym and had artificial ingredients and sweeteners which requires a warning on the label.  

I thought there must be another way.

One day I was making some chocolate from scratch while drinking a rice protein shake and noticed the shake had quite a neutral flavour.

realised could get my chocolate fix and my protein fix at the same time so I mixed some rice protein into the chocolate and voila! The first prototype was born! 

So, at Push HQ (where I have to pull open the door to get in) I refined the recipe to always have natural ingredients and changed the ingredients and quantities to get the right taste and nutritional profile. 

​I debuted Push Chocolate with my lovely assistants at Food Matters Live 2017 and provided samples to people (free chocolate is an easy sell). 

Ant from Push Chocolate
I then did more testing by taking it along to a yoga charity event and getting lots more feedback.
Following that the next year was getting more feedback, updating the recipe by adding pea protein, more refining, sending it out to people and getting more people's thoughts. 
Finally in October 2018, the online store opened and traded at Stylist Live and Balance festivals and at Borough Market to get people try and increase the awareness.
Now currently working on a smaller "grab 'n' go" version which is in plastic-free packaging and developing new flavours, so keep your eyes peeled!
Push Chocolate will also be at Borough Market again on Saturday 21st December 2019, BodyPower 2020 and potentially other places as well!
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