Vegan Chocolate Orange Trifle

A great showstopper of a dessert for the bank holiday weekend! This fresh and zesty trifle is a fantastic make ahead dessert option for the warmer weather and features our delicious vegan chocolate orange buttons.

What happens when something creamy and something fruity come together? A zesty gorgeous orange trifle is created. This luscious English trifle mixed with Push vegan chocolate orange buttons is a must-have. This quintessential dessert has been around for centuries. 

Our dairy free chocolate buttons are great for sumptuous vegan desserts for friends and family. They melt beautifully, have a minimum of 42% cocoa solids and are made in 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. 

The history of trifle 

Did you know that the traditional trifle originated in the 18th century in England? 

One of the trifle recipe first appeared in the 4th edition of Hannah Glasse's “The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy”. The recipe contained ingredients such as custard, wine and biscuits. 

Ever since the trifle became a wholly English dessert, it has been given many cute nicknames such as the Tipsy hedgehog or The Tipsy Squire. A truly delectable dessert that has been propelled through centuries – as one would say, “a timeless classic”. And, like any good old recipe, it has evolved ever since with the addition of different ingredients; however, its authenticity has remained. 

How to Make Vegan Chocolate Orange Trifle

This gorgeous layered dessert consists of 3-4 layers depending on the recipe and your preferences. Trifles are easy to make and all the ingredients come together in a snap. Additionally, the best way to layer a trifle is from bottom to top; sponge cake, vegan custard and vegan cream.

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