Halloween Monster Cookies

These Halloween Monster Cookies are a fun yet easy Halloween cookie idea that is perfect for adults and children alike. The recipe is vegan and gluten-free and features our original dairy free chocolate buttons. These vegan cookies are easy to whip up in 10 minutes, leave to chill in the fridge for an hour, then bake in only 15 minutes!

 “Boooooo! The holiday of candy is here!” screamed Count Chocula. 

Well, you know what they say – the best treats for Halloween are always spooktacular! 

Gooey Vegan Monster Cookies 

Here’s a question for a free treat: “What happens when a chewy and soft chocolate cookie turns into a spooky monster cookie?”

The perfect Halloween treat is made, of course!  

Creepy, cute and wickedly delicious - these Halloween monster cookies are so easy to prepare and of course include our dairy free chocolate buttons. 

What you can expect from these Halloween cookies? 

We know it's the Halloween season and all of our little monsters are just waiting for their sugary treats. But, what if we told you that this Halloween, they can enjoy healthy, but delicious treats instead? 

The biggest highlight of this monster cookie recipe is our Push dairy free chocolate buttons which: 

  • Are suitable for people who are lactose-intolerants or suffering with Celiacs disease 
  • Contain 43% less sugar than other vegan chocolate brands
  • Are free from 14 major food allergens 
  • Are free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and colourings
  • Has zero sugar alcohols which can cause laxative effects
  • Contains five times more protein than other chocolate

So – rest assured that you and your family can enjoy all the fun of Halloween whilst still feeling good! 

Pro Tip: Switch from Original to our Orange dairy free chocolate buttons for even more flavour! 

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